Wednesday, October 19, 2011

im back !

i'm back to blogging ! but will not be blogging every single day ,second or minutes .

So now im free till next year because i just finish one of my so called IMPORTANT exams of the year . I am going to attend my school Prefect Night tomorrow ;) yeah i am a lil excited . That's it .
I guess all the k-pop lovers out there already watch SNSD new song right ? haha for those who haven't ,try to spend a few minutes watching their new song "THE BOYS" :D

Monday, May 23, 2011

Holidays !

Holidays is just a few days away . And i am totally excited ! you know why ? more homeworks more pressure more outings..EVERYTHING also EXTRA want lah .
So , what are you guys gonna do during holidays ?
Well, for me i am gonna gain weight and lose weight at the same time :p awesome much ? IKR !
Anyway , i am wondering what people use to maintain their hair texture ?
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Chocolateee cake .

So today we (me and my friends) went to Sweet Bean to celebrate Uma's 15th Birthday ! Yeah , i know Sweet Bean is one of the most expensive shop around my school area . Anyway , it was really fun ! i think the workers in sweet bean thinks that we are ruining customers mood to eat . Cause we were superb noisy that time . Who cares ? at least we give you business right ? better than nothing pfft .

We will always love you ! Ne-Yo obsession xD
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Monday, May 16, 2011

me ;gugu gaga !

B2ST’s comeback album, ”Fiction and Fact“ has finally been released! (got it from

YESSSS ! finally ! i've been waiting this for so long ~ and it finally came out on the day there's holiday ! i have been listening to it since morning till now . Yeap ,you can call me crazy XD 
go check it out for those who haven't listen to any of it yet !
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can you see the major changes of this blog ?
which want do you prefer ?
last time or now ?
I need comments !!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Supa papa ..Dupa papa SUPA DIVA !

I'm back ! hahahhahha ..I ammmm super excited tomorrow cause i will be attending for the Digi K-pop Live 2011 that i mention last year :) I want to get a clear view ,but i know it's totally impossible T_T I want to see my future-going-to-be husband so badly . LOL i know i am crazy and i can't resist seeing hot guys . Don't get me wrong or weird . I am just as normal as the others . But a typical fan-girl . xD

So anyway ,school is school . Tuition is tuition and teachers are teachers . They never changed .Lots of homeworks as usual .My friend created a new word ! BETUI ! chinese + malay {BETUL + DUI} It's coool ~ ahaha . I ammmm getting lame ,lamer and lamest day by day . What's wrong with me ? Anyone can help me to overcome this lame thing away ? LOL

Stay tune for more updates tomorrow . I'll be back ! :p
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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy New Year !

I know that i haven't been blogging for some time ,but because i have the time now so i am going to wish each and everyone of you a Happy New Year ! welcome to 2011 and say buh-bye to 2010 . I hope you guys are having a great time now :D
These days i am very busy because on the 10.10.11 , i will be having a VIP exam LOL not only me but all the form 3's too in Malaysia .So i will not be updating my blog always . How was my 1st week of school ?? It was good ! But yesterday ,i was having a bad headache so i wasn't feeling hyper and i went to celebrate my friends Birthday at Sweet Bean . We walk there and we saw another group of students from our school  celebrating their friends Birthday too .It was such a coincidence .When they sing Happy Birthday ,we also sang for him at the same time ,but we just changed the NAME part xD

It was very awkward when the food arrived .I can't eat because they are people staring at me haha ..but when everyone was busy the awkward-ness dissapear ! The bill was RM 131 .45 OMG freaking exp .
I need to go now to celebrate my lil bro's 2 years old Birthday ! Will blog later , toodles :)

The Birthday dude xp .
one in a million .
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